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Advantages of Infant Warmer

A child is a welcome addition to the family. The birth of the baby is a much anticipated event. However at times if the child is born pre maturely then it is a cause of worry for the parents and relatives. Child health is an imperative issue which needs to be tackled carefully.

There is new hope for pre-term babies and babies with low birth weight, the embrace infant warmer.

Infant WarmerThe embrace infant warmer, a snug like sleeping bag like device, keeps the babies who are unable to produce enough body heat for survival, at the optimum 98.6 degrees F body temperature without the danger of burns (possible from a traditional warming device, like an incubator, or a radiant warmer) and is very moderately priced.

These infant warmers are ideal for nursing homes too, which have erratic power supply and are capable for strong and slowly releasing large amounts of energy and are easy to operate. This device can be used by the baby even at the time of breast feeding by the mother.

The hug of life embrace infant warmer is like a pouch, filled with phase-change material, is warmed in its heater for about 20 minutes. Placed in the bacteria resistant sleeping bag, the pouch maintains the optimum 98.6 f temperature for four to six hours. Once the baby is placed in the bag, the pouch absorbs or releases heat depending upon the baby’s body temperature.

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