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Health Tips For New Moms

Post delivery after the initial euphoria of the new addition to the family ends, mostly the mother is left to fend for herself while looking after the baby. This leaves her fatigued and with no time to look after their health.

The daily tasks takes a heavy toll on the women and their bodies tend to break down and are at the risk of dreaded diseases.

However it is imperative to note that to keep your body fit and healthy mind new mothers need to follow some of these tips for staying fit:

Staying Fit for New MothersLooking after your heart is the first step to protect your brain and flow of blood keeps your body and heart healthy, the brain uses 20% of the oxygen pumped around body. Exercise is the only way to care of your heart and brain at the same time. Twenty minutes of any cardiovascular exercises like tread mill, will improve your health and keep your fit. It will also give you some ‘Me’ time for yourself. This exercise routine will gear you up to look after your baby.

Mental exercise will strengthen your brains-research has proved that solving puzzles ,reading books, or taking up a musical instrument keeps your brains healthy and sharp and de stressed. You can also keep boredom at bay in case you are holed up in the confines of your home.

Disordered sleep disrupts your body immune system and makes you feel tired, irritable, frustrated, hence have regular sleeping hours to keep your body and mind fresh. Try to match your sleeping hours with that of your baby as proper sleep will help your body to recoup better.

A study conducted analysed that women in mid life and who are stressed are likely to be affected by post partum depression. Speak to your doctor about the same.

To stay fit and healthy develop a positive attitude and mingle yourself with positive and optimist people, and shun out all the negativity from your mind and environment.

Yes, you do need to take care of your baby, but in the process try to take some time out for yourself and never neglect your health. This will make you a healthier and happier mom.

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