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Inspiring Would Be Mothers To Kick The Butt

The habit of smoking in women has rewired their body’s chemical composition which makes them quitting smoking so tough.

However many marvelous  things are in store for women once they are inclined to quit smoking as their body starts making a way for a fine tuned body and a healthy and a sharp mind.

Smoking habitsIt has been proved ex smokers have better reasoning skills and memory and makes them look younger as smoking ages your skin by 20 years and makes you four times likely to go gray.

Women who have quit smoking have increased the chances of conceiving a baby and 98% of children with a smoking parent wishes they quit the habit of smoking.

Women who have quit smoking, get the desired results in just few hours as they breathe easy, their lungs start clearing the build of tar, their sense of taste and smell improves, and in no time their blood pressure and pulse returns to normal.

Those who have quit smoking have a fitter body as running and walking, working out at gym becomes easier as the lungs have more room for oxygen.

The risk of dreaded disease like heart stroke, diabetes is almost halved once you quit smoking.

Smoking also reduces your chance to conceive. And even if you are pregnant then you need to refrain from smoking completely as this will prove to be fatal for your fetus.

A mother can go to any lengths for her child and therefore the first step is to quit smoking and give your un born child a clean and pollution free heaven in your womb which is his first home.

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