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New Healthcare Schemes Launched For the Benefit of Pregnant Women

Expectant mothers are all times prone to health risks, endangering their own life and that of the unborn babies.

The government has launched some schemes and initiated some measures to significantly reduce the health risks the women face when they become pregnant.

Pregnant WomenSome of the government hospitals have launched an online computerised system to make sure that every pregnant woman who has been registered with the hospital does make it for her ante-natal care on time. It ensures that the pregnant woman gets a reminder by the way of SMS informing her about the check up date. The computerised system is nationally connected by internet and has all the details of the pregnant woman like name, address, contact numbers and this system is being implemented in all the rural and urban centres in India.

If the woman does not have access to the mobile phone, a health worker will visit her and get her examined.

During the pregnancy the women has to visit the doctor for at least ten times for her ante-natal check up and the system offers a free transport for women to reach the hospital for a check up.

It also ensures that birth planning and complication awareness is possible before the process starts, and free guidance is given to the pregnant women.

Clearly the initiative taken by the government is laudable and will protect the pregnant women and unborn child from medical complications and save their life. As a progressive nation, the government has taken the onus of better health care and other facilities on their shoulders and seeing these schemes we can surely laud their attempts which are commendable, provided they sustain for a long duration and not fizzle out after a couple of months.

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