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Proper Exercise For The New Mom

Mothers are often hard pressed for time. Yet they wish to bounce back to shape post delivery. Here often they tend to skip the warm up sessions or embark on sudden rigorous movements which eventually cause them a lot of discomfort. Here we share some general techniques to gradually bounce back and stay in shape and be fit.

Warming up during our exercising regime is grossly misinterpreted. We often exercise in warm temperatures, but the fact is that if you exercise out in the open, it will play a crucial role in toning up your body and staying fit.

Proper Exercise For The New MomThe correct prep will ward off the risk of musculontendinous strains and pulls, and will help you train effectively and for longer by keeping muscular fatigue at bay.’

An effective warm up should prepare your body for the dynamic nature of the workout ahead –so static stretching is out. Instead focus on dynamic stretches that use the speed of the movement, momentum, and active muscular effort to warm those muscles.

You may try to warm up by- way of arm swings- stand tall, feet slightly wider than the shoulder- width apart and bend your knees a bit. Make sure that your back is straight and then swing both your arms to an overhead position and forwards, downwards, and backwards. Complete 10 repetitions.

You may also try the- leg swings- stand sideways on to a wall, and put your weight on your right leg and your right hand on the wall for balance. Seeing your left leg forwards and backwards, and then repeat this process about ten times on each leg.

Following these steps will help you to warm in a right posture and help you to maintain your body toned up and healthy.

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