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Research To Help Parents In Looking After Their Kids

Parents are often in doubt if they have a right approach to parenting. Therefore a lot of research has been carried out in this direction. Mastering the art of correct parenting is an art and here we are sharing the results which are based on a research on child behavior which has revealed two fascinating facts and it is imperative that the parents must take these facts seriously and that will make their parenting much more easy.

  1. Parenting tipsA study suggests that parents should let their children sleep a little extra as it may help them improve their behavior and make them less restless in school, as cutting their sleep time makes the children frustrated, and are more likely to cry, or lose their temper.The study was conducted on 33 children between the age of seven and 11 years old to be followed for over two weeks. The study monitored the children’s emotions, moodiness, restlessness at school, and it was concluded that the children who get extra half an hour of sleep well well behaved, had a balanced mind and were calm and cool at school.
  2. The second research about the spending habits of the child revealed that children whose parents argued about the money were twice as likely as children who said their parents did not argue about money to have more than one credit card, and extra cards brought theses children in to extra debts. Children with two or more cards were three times as likely to have more debts than a child having one credit card. Hence parental arguments about money lead their children in to debt traps.
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