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Spinal Problems In Children

Pain is everywhere. A shocking revelation has come to light- children too are prone to problems related to the spine.

The body posture of children, faulty and incorrect postures while sitting, movements which are not smooth and are jerky, improper diet, and inactive life style have all contributed to the growth of spinal problems in young children.Spinal Problems In Children

Today more and more school children have started reporting of back pain and shoulders around the neck, the heavy school bags and the bad sitting postures in the class rooms without proper support for the back and the same is the case with improper support of the wrist, tables which are very disproportionate with the chairs coupled with long hours spent in front of the computer cause stiffness in the muscles around the neck, shoulders and back and resulting in back problems and spinal problems for children.

spinal problems symptomsApart from congenital conditions like fused vertebra as well as scoliosis, there are numerous other conditions which are infectious. These may lead to discomfort of the back, and tuberculosis of spine. This is a very such painful condition for children. Thats not all, cancers as well as tumors too lead to severe pain in the back.

Children who are overweight and have obesity problems are at risk of getting spinal problems as their body weight puts too much pressure on their bones and also limits their mobility, which in turn again contributes to the rising weight.

It is imperative that the children do not depend on pain killers, or injections to fight spinal problems, and rather live a active physical life, make a fitness regime, and follow a low fat cholesterol diet to keep your child happy and healthy.

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