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Women should get cautious while choosing medicines during their pregnancy period

A point always come in the pregnancy period of a women where she feels to take medication on an immediate basis, but doing a little of search work on internet lands her in a fuss that, ‘is it harmful for the baby or not.’

This happens because, one website claims the medicine is suitable for that particular purpose, but another portal specifically refuses it. Such type of scenario happens due to the lack of research work on pregnant women.

Women getting Cautious Choosing Medicines during their Pregnancy PeriodAs per CDC, 1 in 33 babies are born with defect since the time of birth, and it is hard to tell that whether it is an outcome of the wrongly prescribed drugs. There is also a rise by 60% in the defective births for past three decades. To overcome this issue, CDC has chalked out two program for researching on this base and meanwhile FDA had also planned to revamp drug labels so that it can be reached out more conveniently, but there is an exception to it, one will not get a straight answer i.e. “Yes” or “No” in the near future, and may have to wait for some more longer period. Cheryl Broussard of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says, “The reality is that for most of the medications, it’s not that they’re safe or not that’s the concern. The concern is that we just don’t know.” She too had also experienced similar type of dilemma during her two of the pregnancies.

In one of the observations, it is assumed that 5% of pregnant women use antidepressants out of which certain brands claims a bit risk for the future moms and their babies. These are the crucial points where women have to judge their brand preferences and need to consult doctors before they get pregnant. Commenting on this, Dr. Christiana Chambers from University of California, San Diego says, “The time to be thinking about all this is when you’re not pregnant,” which is true in all the sense and must be taken into practice as soon as possible.

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